Giroud was created so artists can live from their craft

Giroud was created to empower our individual choice to dress beautifully and gracefully every day

Giroud was created to celebrate all of us and to encourage inclusivity and the illumination of all, to the exclusion of no one

Giroud was created with the vision of embracing technology and harnessing its power to give us the choice of creating our own individual style

'Giroud was created to build a wearable path to self-expression, that at its core, will drive positive human and environmental changes around the globe'

~ The Story ~

As a young child she would watch her mother paint portraits and delicate landscapes. The smell of oil paint would waft through the house and mix with the sweet aroma of coffee as the buzz of the sewing machine would ring into the night.

Her mother, a talented artist, was also an educator, a thinker, a mother of three, a capable woman. Yet her paintings, etchings and drawings would silently slip underneath the bed, only to be forgotten or painted over.

She would marvel at her mothers’ work space. The easels covered in dried paint would decorate the room whilst her mum worked on creating, designing and sewing beautiful wedding dresses and bridesmaid gowns. Meters of taffeta, silk organza and endless trimmings would grace the hangers on the bedroom door.

As she grew, she realised the economic realities of being a designer, an artist, the difficulties of living from this craft. It left an impression, why do we appreciate artists and their work only after they are gone? Why so often are the great masters and artists only celebrated on their passing? She pondered.

She was often teased for dressing with care as a young girl but her love for textures, fabrics and silhouettes was with her always. She immersed herself in ballet and dance. Her love for photography drove her passion for details and through her lens life was to be evaluated and celebrated.

She grew and listened to her intuition, watched and learnt through the years of university and industry work. Her experience taught her and her love for fashion never left her.

Life moved forward and with it came the birth of the technology revolution. She was intrigued, she was curious, she inherently knew that this thing called the internet would change the world. And it did.

With this era and web-based experience came a new found curiosity. Could technology lead to a new pathway for artists? Could technology lead to a revolution in fashion? Could technology empower us to connect, celebrate, illuminate and think about others in a world where often the self is more important?

She considered, and she dreamt. She created and she worked.

Giroud was born.

"Giroud strives to create a positive world for all of us. One where we genuinely celebrate each other, exclude no one, empower our minds, listen to our intuition, be change agents, step up and face our greatest fears, celebrate the arts that power culture around the world and ultimately live to our fullest potential, whatever that may be. It is a journey and I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel this road with you."

Melissa Giroud Cook | Founder, Giroud Pty Ltd