Giroud garments are made by you, for you.

‘Your wearable path to self-expression’


~ Giroud was Created To ~

Harness the power of technology so our community can design and make their own leisurewear.

Benefit Artists so they can live from their craft.

Empower our individual choice to dress beautifully and gracefully every day.

Encourage inclusivity and the illumination of all.


Giroud is a fashion business with a global perspective. Through our Illuminator program and the sale of your custom-made garments we are driving positive human and environmental changes around the world.





" Giroud strives to create a positive world for all. One where we genuinely celebrate each other to the exclusion of no one, empower our minds, listen to our intuition, be change agents and step up and face our greatest fears. We celebrate the arts that power culture around the world and encourage all of us to live to our fullest potential, whatever that may be. It is a journey and I am so grateful for the opportunity to travel this road with you."

Melissa Giroud Cook | Founder, Giroud Pty Ltd