‘CONVERGENCE’ showcases sportswear infused with vivid panels of Christie-Coxon’s art and paired with Keiko Uno’s bespoke jewellery to create a vision celebrating liberation and the individual.
The core of Caroline’s established art practice is ‘to facilitate the natural expression of paint through unconventional techniques. Her process-driven style liberates and expands the dialogue of paint, inviting the viewer to tap into the part of them that experiences life beyond words, transcending definitions and into the unique and powerful experience of visual language.’

"I’ve been intrigued by Giroud’s vision of offering clients personal input into what they wear. This freedom to express and create one off wearable pieces aligns with the fundamentals of understanding abstract art, which requires only an open mind - there is no right or wrong way, which is pure liberation". Caroline Christie-Coxon
After two decades of building an international reputation creating bespoke pieces for a diverse clientele, Keiko made the transition into creating her own limited edition jewellery lines. Each piece is steeped in meaning, designed to evoke a feeling or favourite moment in the wearer. Her aim is to create jewellery that is not only a pleasure to wear, but seductive and emotive; turning the beautiful into the breathtaking and the glamorous into the glorious.
"Giroud created active wear that fits me and my lifestyle perfectly. It’s not only comfortable for yoga, but has SPF50 protection so practical for skin diving and playing on the beach with my daughter, and incorporates opulent velvet detailing to look and feel great". Keiko Uno