Cool Me Down

‘Cool Me Down Fabric’ 


Our  ‘Cool Me Down’ fabric is absolutely amazing!  It transforms from soft, silky and warmth retaining to icy cold once damp, wicking away sweat and keeping you dry at the same time! 

  • Regulates body temperature when dry
  • Turns into a refrigeration system when damp – keeps you icy cold!
  • Chemical free
  • It will continue to cool the garment no matter how many times you wash it!
  • Made for sports performance and recovery
  • Wicks away sweat

It is totally chemical free, unlike many leading sportswear moisture wicking fabrics and has been awarded the ‘Innovative Technology’ award from the world renowned Hohenstein Institute.  The ONLY fabric globally to have received this honour.

Other brands use harmful chemicals in their fabrics that after only a few washes, lose their cooling properties.  The technology used in this fabric is built into the fibers preventing any decline in the performance for the life cycle of the garment.

When you choose to build your Giroud garment with ‘Cool Me Down’ fabric, you are choosing a world of innovation, comfort and coolness.